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Dentistry for Kids

Young girl sitting in a dental chair and smiling at her dentist and dental assistantThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that around 20 percent of children in America aged between 5 and 11 have one or several untreated decayed teeth. Going by the statistics, there is an increased need for regular pediatric dental visits and checkups. Parents have the responsibility to bring their kids to our dental office at 253 Dental Care for early and regular dental assessments and checkups. Kids need to ensure a proper oral hygiene routine just like adults, but it can be hard for them to do so.

What Dentistry for Kids Involves

Our pediatric dentist performs routine checkups and treatments that kids need to maintain their oral health. Early assessment is crucial as it helps determine if a child has bite problems that may require correction in the future. Early dental assessment may not mean that a child will start wearing braces immediately; however, it brings out issues that may remain undetected and which could severely harm the bite and oral health of the child.

In addition, our pediatric dentist does routine checkups. Dental health is important for the overall wellbeing of the child. Our dentist performs a professional cleaning to remove the unhealthy buildup of plaque as well as tartar. Regular examinations and checkups help determine whether the teeth and gums of your child are developing normally. If any issues appear, the dentist can determine a treatment plan. The dentist may perform x-rays to detect dental issues that could be lurking below the gums and surface of the teeth. For instance, decay between the teeth or cavities you cannot see with the naked eye. Our pediatric dentist can also catch impacted teeth before they cause problems. Cavities and tooth decay are present in many children, and they can cause pain and infection. Filling cavities helps restore the normal function of the teeth of your child.

Children can only have strong and healthy teeth upon getting the right nutrition. Kids crave sugar, yet it is a notorious culprit in decay. Our pediatric dentist offers nutrition and diet guidance to parents in order to help kids develop healthy, strong teeth and gums.

Because kids may not be able to reach the molars when brushing and flossing, our dentist provides sealants to act as a barrier against dental plaque and cavities. The sealant can be painted on each tooth. Professional fluoride is applied quickly as a gel, foam, or varnish. Fluoride is used to protect the teeth from decay arising due to acid attacks, sugar, and bacteria in the mouth.

Benefits of Pediatric Dental Care

A dental cavity leads to tooth decay, which you can prevent by regularly bringing your child in to our office. Lack of oral care in kids can cause severe dental problems in the future. Our dental professionals will help you treat cavities and provide tips on how to maintain proper dental hygiene. Regular visits to our dental office helps monitor the oral health of your kids. In case of abnormalities in the gums or teeth, the dental team will clean your child's mouth and guide you and your child on how to take care of it to prevent dental issues in the future.

As a parent, it is crucial to teach your children the importance of maintaining good oral habits. Visiting our office will help you learn how to correctly use a toothbrush and the meaning and the importance of flossing. Teaching your children proper oral health habits will remain throughout their early years until they can maintain it on their own.

Dental assessments, checkups, and treatment can start at any age. Bring your child to our dental office at 253 Dental Care for examinations and professional teeth cleanings. Call us at (253) 765-0184 to schedule an appointment.

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