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Oral Cancer Screening

Patient sitting in dental chair and talking to dentistAnnual checkups with your dentist help more than just your smile. When you visit us at 253 Dental Care, you will not only receive your routine checkups, but our team will also consider an oral cancer screening if you have not done one lately. To keep your mouth healthy, we recommend you see our professionals at least once a year for oral cancer screening and evaluation. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the earlier you can start treatment, and the higher the chances of having a successful treatment.

Who Should Have Oral Cancer Screenings?

Patients with a high risk of cancer will likely benefit from an oral cancer screening. For example, individuals who heavily use alcohol, those with a previous oral cancer diagnosis, and those who use snuff, tobacco, and cigarettes are at a high risk of getting oral cancer. If you have not had a screening within the past year, you are a candidate for screening. Our dentists will determine whether you are the right candidate for oral cancer screening. The dentist will also advise you on how you can reduce the risk of oral cancer, for instance, reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking.

The Procedure

Oral cancer screening consists of two parts. First, our professionals will carry out both visual and physical examinations. The gums, palate, neck, nose, face, and tongue are part of the examination. You will have to remove all dental appliances, such as retainers. Removing the appliances helps expose all the mouth areas that may be prone to oral cancer.

Our dentist will then proceed to look for irregularities in the mouth. The dentist will examine any swelling, red patches, bumps, white patches, sores, and other signs and symptoms that could point towards the presence of oral cancer. The professional will use a small light and mirror to look at the inside of your nose. He or she will use a tongue depressor to look at the back of your throat.

For the physical examination, the dentist will examine your head, cheeks, and around your jaw. Additionally, our professional will look for anything out of the ordinary like tissue masses or nodules that may need further examination such as a biopsy. The dentist may use a special device to identify precancerous cells that cannot be seen with naked eye. The device will shine a light on the area.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screenings

Regular visits to our dental office can save you from oral cancer, allowing you to retain your beautiful smile. And if cancer has already started, we are able to detect it during the scheduled oral cancer screening appointment. Oral cancer screening is straightforward. It can be performed during your regular dental checkups in our office. The screening allows you get timely treatment, which is key to the successful treatment of cancer. During the screening, the dentist may also reveal other oral problems that could otherwise have remained undetected. Ensure you schedule an annual oral cancer screening with our office.


Oral cancer treatment will be determined by the type of cancer and the stage of cancer. You may be required to undergo several therapies or just one therapy. You will get the chance to discuss the treatment options with our dentists. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Our team will conduct either minor or major surgery depending on the extent of the tumor. Small tumors will require minor surgery, while you will have to undergo extensive surgery with large tumors. Radiation uses high-energy beams to kill cancer cells. At the same time, chemotherapy is a treatment that uses chemicals to kill oral cancer cells.

Early oral cancer screening is important. Come to our 253 Dental Care dental office for screening and a dental checkup. Give us a call at (253) 765-0184 to find out more about oral cancer screening and why it is important.
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